The images in Wilderness Camp are about the language of knowing Nature. David Hlynsky was born in the US as the son of a research chemist. He was raised in the culture of science and technology. He has worked as an artist, writer, painter and teacher since moving to Toronto in 1971. He will always remain a boy scientist and must admit that he has a romantic attachment to that persona. But he lives in a crowded, polluted environment of a large city. He watches electronic facsimiles of animal life on cable tv. The banks and bars in his Italian neighborhood are decorated with plastic jungle plants.
He eats mutant super vegetables force fed on chemicals his father might have designed.
There are few places on Earth which can't be accessed by cell phone, modem
links and no real place to get lost in if one carries a GPS compass. When we go camping, we're housed in high tech, polymer fabrics spun from Arabic petrochemicals. We hike in shoes made on the other side of the planet and sip fruit juice from south of the equator.

We carry the language of science in our brain cells... and in our human soul. Where then, is the Wilderness, now? Whenever we measure it, it becomes our possession. No longer existing as the "unknown" realm, it ceases to be Wilderness. Finally it has shrunk to the vanishing point and left myth as its ghost... and imagination as it's last safe refuge.

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