FROM FORM TO SIGN (1979 – 2000)

To live, for me, means to let oneself incessantly be caught in a turmoil of dynamically related physical and intellectual experiences. Form, even when it is symbolic, leads me to the path of remembrance interfering with the perception of pure and irrational emotion. To dissolve form in a sign means to liberate the direct perception of emotion.

MY EYES FOR YOU (1999 – 2000)

This is a lyric of love dedicated to my beloved. The experience of loving is something that, though in incessant transformation and evolution, follows to some extent a cyclic quadripartite rhythm. For this reason I chose to use leaves as a symbolic element and, in photographing them, I have tried to recompose the various stages of this cycle: individuality, dialogue, falling in love, loving.

Artist’s BIO

KAMIR, was born in Milan in 1962. He discovers his passion for photography as a teen-ager. During his highschool years he dedicates all his spare time investigating thoroughly the unique medium of expression he felt photography was.
In 1981 he wins two photo contests and in the same year he starts his university studies at the Faculty of Arts at the Milan University.
During his university studies he works as an assistant in different still life photo studios, where he collaborates in national publicity campaigns. But his primary interest remains the research in B/W fine art photography, with special reference to social photography. He starts to collaborate as a free-lance photographer with agencies, newspapers and magazines.
In 1983 he presents his first personal exhibition in Milan, featuring his delicate work “Silent People” (Il Popolo del Silenzio).
In 1986 he starts to work as a professional photographer and graphic designer.
In 1997 he realizes together with Mirella Pavesi a CD-ROM “An Indian Diary”, a photographic, literal and cultural journey in south India.
In 1999 he decides to publish the result of his lifetime research as a fine art photographer.

His research goes from social to abstract photography.

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