In my works I want to show beauty of people in Harmony with Nature and city I live in.
Idea (or fantasy) comes into my head (sometimes in the night). I think about it for a long time – 2 weeks, one month, six months, one year or much more time. Write script (scenario), select place, and people for my work on the streets of my city, in subway or somewhere else if I see a person who will be OK for my “Theatre of Fantasy”.
I have a small collection of clothes, hats, shoes, gloves, kerchiefs, umbrellas and different accessories which I use in my work.
In one word – I am script writer, designer, barber and photographer at the same time.
I use the old analog cameras format 24x36mm, 6x6cm and 6x9cm, black and white films, handmade print in Dark Room by me, multiple exposure

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