Silicon Valley Nudes

I'm 38, and a native San Franciscan. I've been taking pictures since I was about 11 years old. I like to shoot people, birds and structures in both editorial and constructed scenes to represent human relationship to nature. I move from one series to the next by intuitive guidance, and strive to convey through concrete images, my own feelings and personal striving for a connection to the human spirit.

I started this Silicon Valley Nudes series in 1987, while living in San Jose, the center of the technological revolution. I was fascinated by the absence of any art representing the human form in the Silicon Valley. So I started shooting nudes indoors and outdoors and in poses imitating works by great artists, (such as Picasso, Matisse and Michelangelo), to depict people as art, or living sculpture predominant in the techno-culture.

I hope to show through photography the awesome beauty of being human and that love is the universal force that keeps us going as a species.

"You must not think that feeling is everything, Art is nothing without form." Gustav Flaubert

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