Train Time Is Any Time

From the time I first found my own voice as an artist I have mostly used plastic toys and dolls in staged settings to create "tableaux vivants" in which I seek my own meanings and invite the viewer to find his or her own.
My art is based on imagination and I am interested in story-telling, play and mystery.

At first I ‘played’ with toy soldiers, farm animals and rubber babies, then. I moved on to Barbie-like dolls which I would buy battered and chewed on in thrift stores. Eventually I made masks for the dolls, transforming them into secret individuals acting out their own mysterious stories. In my most recent work ‘Train Times Is Any Time’, I am using primitive manipulation and photomontage techniques – reverse prints, photocopies and paper negatives – as well as an appealing new company of ‘actors’ that I call mutants (created by rearranging heads and bodies of dolls that were pretty strange to begin with). This is a work in progress – the beginning of an exploration into new imaginative worlds."

Gabrielle de Montmollin

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