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Fashion Lust. 

For decades, Fashion Week has been the ultimate, highly exclusive pageant for the fashion aristocracy. Held twice a year in Paris, Milan, New York and London, its visibility has exploded in recent years with the skyrocketing prevalence of digital cameras and fashion blogs—giving the general public access to this previously private event. Through live social media coverage of the runways, the audience at home has become the new front row VIPs.
Photographed over four seasons, Fashion Lust dismantles the carefully packaged and highly indulgent viral fashion image. The images investigate the scene where the expertly constructed image of guests rivals the air-brushed glamour of the actual show. With photographers often outnumbering models backstage and front-row guests, the appetite to see and be seen is seemingly extends to everyone finding themselves in the closed, hectic space of blinding flashes and surveillance-style Instagramming.

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